Our flagship beer, Fountain Brew, springs from the pages of Fountain City’s own history. The original Fountain Brew was brewed here from 1856 to 1965. After the brewery was closed and later demolished, the popular local beer disappeared.

In 1997, with the help of retired assistant brew master Wilbert Schmitt and the historical brewing records he saved, the original recipes were brewed, tasted and approved by Schmitty for rebirth.

Fountain City Brewing Beer Include:

Original Recipe  - true pre-prohibition American style gold lager
Prairie Moon Red  - rich ruby lager springing from the Original Recipe
Eagle Valley Harvest Gold  - light bodied Pilsner, with a touch of rye
Irish Valley Spring Bock  - classic bock lighter color, not in body (a season spring brew)
John Robert Porter - a smooth oatmeal and coffee Porter

Picnic Light Lager - a true light beer

Harrington's Red Irish Ale - a mellow red ale

Great Golden Lager - a rusty gold, hearty fall lager

Fountain City Brewing Company